PICT journey

We’re honored to be recognized for our success as we continue our journey. On top of that, we intend to maintain the current reputation of the company and take it even farther in coming years.


PICT has carried out many successful projects and operations through the years and still continues its journey towards becoming the top company of Pakistan. It has won many awards for its performance in various sectors and is yet, nevertheless, striving to grow in all possible aspects in near future. In the past year, 2017, Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT) retained its reputable position through the challenging and competitive business environment, securing Best HRM Practices, 5th Employer of the Year Award by Employers' Federation of Pakistan (EFP) and won Fire & Safety Award by Fire Protection Association of Pakistan. Furthermore, our Company holds the prestige of winning the “Corporate Excellence Award” by Management Association of Pakistan. PICT ranked 6th in Top 25 Companies by Pakistan Stock Exchange, 2nd in Work Place Environment and 2nd in Services Sector for Best Practices in OHSE both by the Employers Federation of Pakistan